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We offer you the experience of Parkia Group, with more than 70 car parks in Spain and Andorra.

Improve the profitability of your parking with remote assistance from the number 1 car park management team in Spain.

Parkia Remote Assistance.
Our experience at the service of your car park.

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How can we start?

We will study the needs of your car parks, type of machinery and action protocols.

This first phase can be carried out over a period of four to six weeks, depending on the characteristics of your car park.

  • In addition, in this first phase and after the previous consultancy, we will be able to analyse and propose improvements based on our experience as the number 1 car park operator in Spain (rates, operations, opening hours, etc.). 

  • All our experience will be at your disposal with the aim of making your investment profitable.

  • With the agreed information, we will develop the internal protocols and the training of the team of managers, who will attend to your car park, if you wish, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • After a test phase, we will be able to remotely manage your car park and you will be able to start saving on your car park management.

The level of remote assistancewill depend on your needs:

  • Weekends and public holidays
  • Night timetables
  • 24 hours a day

At Parkia we recommend remote assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as this is when the profitability of the car park is maximised.

What can we do for your car parks?

Using the same machinery that you have in your car park or, by analysing the cost effectiveness of a change of machinery, we can remotely support your car park via secure VPN connections so that we can start working in your car park very quickly and start generating savings.

Integration models:

We currently work with the main national and international manufacturers, so we have extensive experience in remote management with the different manufacturers.

Our IT department so that the integration can be fast.

In the process of consulting about the characteristics of your car park, we will study with you the possibility of integrating new machinery, which will result in better systems and operations.

Thanks to the framework agreements that Parkia has with the main machinery manufacturers, we will be able to analyse the improvement of the profitability of your car park thanks to the implementation of new systems.

Customer service

We remotely manage all commercial relations with your customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All our experience at the service of your car park. 

With the possibility of assistance in several languages, according to demand.

By means of protocols and style guides, we can operate with your clients as you would: registrations, cancellations, information. 

Just tell us how you want to do it and we will implement it.

We serve your rotating customers by offering them the best product to meet their needs. 

If you work with hotels, shops or restaurants to which you offer time vouchers, just let us know and we will manage remotely as you and your team would do in person.

Remote management of payments at ATMs supported by intercom, issuing of invoices, lost tickets, etc.

Entry control

Remote management of all entries with real-time credential checking

We protocol all our operations in such a way that any access to the car park can be authorised or not.

We manage pedestrian access to the car park.

Decide whether to close the entire car park at night and only allow access to season ticket holders or regular customers, and we will execute it.

We manage the proper entry and exit of vehicles by checking in real time the client’s credentials (season ticket holders, rotation, partners, etc).

Using visualisation cameras and to control equipment, we can identify whether entry is permitted or not.

Security and video surveillance

Remote control of CCTV systems, 24/7 in panoramic video wall. 

Our staff is especially sensitive to the continuous monitoring of the most important safety indicators in the car park.

In addition, via internal protocols, processes are redundant, which increases the security of our remote assistance service.

Permanent monitoring of the car park’s emission safety indicators. By means of protocols, we can activate extractors or call for on-site assistance.

Special attention to the control of fire indicators with emergency protocol:

1.- Alert the fire brigade;

2.- Notify manager; etc.

Control of automatons such as those for opening sensitive doors or windows, such as access to the control cabin.

We can control the manipulation of the barriers, so that we can monitor the correct functioning of the entries.

By means of the system’s automatons, we can determine the occupancy of the lifts and, if necessary, incidents.

Our remote assistance system will receive an immediate alert and act, firstly by reassuring your customers and secondly by activating the incident protocol.

Intercom control

Direct communication with your customers using the car park intercom system.

Our remote management model allows for direct and efficient customer service.

Any customer who wants or needs information, will have it in a timely manner thanks to our management team.

Avoid unnecessary costs for face-to-face management and optimise management costs with Parkia Remote Assistance.

Operations reporting and control

Daily report of the evolution of your sales, incidents and observations.

Our experience in car park management has allowed us to develop a set of key indicators for the daily management of the car park.

With our remote assistance service, you will receive a daily report of these main indicators as well as a set of observations that we will share with you.

All of this results in better management and therefore improved profitability of your car park.