General terms and conditions of contracting

The PURPOSE of these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTING is to establish the conditions applicable to the reservation and contracting of season ticket access to PARKIA car parks through the website

You can also call customer services on 635 62 62 62 or go directly to the Parkia car park where you wish to purchase your season ticket.

In order to BOOK your season ticket through the website, the user must provide the key data requested by the system or manager through a form, without which they will not be able to advance in the booking process. When the booking is made through the website, the user must fill in the form included for this purpose.

Once this information has been sent, the customer service department will contact the user to inform them of the conditions of the season ticket requested and the contracting process.

Access to the car park will be reserved with the chosen characteristics and on the dates indicated (subject to availability).

RATES: The amount of this rate for your season ticket will be established for each of the different car parks in the Parkia network and depending on the conditions selected (timetables, type of vehicle, etc.) and you will be informed before contracting.

THE PAYMENT of season tickets will be made by direct debit and depending on the days of the month in force in which the contracting begins.

DEPOSIT The season tickets are for a minimum stay of two months. In the event of termination of your season ticket before this period, the car park will keep the deposit collected.

ACCESS TO THE CAR PARK where the parking space has been booked will be made with your card 24 hours after formalising your booking and  through the car park vehicle entrance.

In order to gain access to the car park, the customer will approach the entrance and the barrier will open.

If the access barrier does not open even with the issued user card, you can contact our staff via the information button on the intercom system and we will help you resolve the problem.


Parkia reserves the right to demand the corresponding liabilities for the improper use of the parking space reservation system via the website or for non-compliance with the rules contained in these general conditions. The user shall be solely liable in the event that the use of the service is faulty, partial or erroneous, or in the event that someone operates in their name or on their behalf, using the procedures and their password.

Parkia reserves the right to cancel the access card of users who misuse it in the terms set out in these terms and conditions or who fail to comply with the terms and conditions of their season ticket.

Parkia is not liable for the interruption, inaccessibility or failure of any other kind that the operation of the system may suffer as a result of those that may occur in any telecommunications services or other accessories outside this entity and necessary for the operation of the system.

These general terms and conditions shall be governed by Spanish law. In case of conflict, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Madrid and, where appropriate, where the consumer is resident.


In terms of their general rules, our car parks are governed by Act 40/2002, regulating the vehicle parking contract.

 They are open permanently, every day of the year.

 The rates correspond to the use of a single parking space.

 Rotation charging, per minute rate. (For more information, see rates detailed in the control of each car park).

 Payment must be made at the payment machines before leaving with the vehicle . In the event of any incident or anomaly, use the intercoms or go to thecontrol office.

The user will have a courtesy time to leave once the ticket has been paid. If you exceed this time, you will have to pay again at the cashier’s desk.

The vehicle must be left locked and all removable non-fixed accessories and appliancesmust be removed.

The user must show the parking voucher and pay the rate to remove the vehicle.

The user is liable for any damage that may be caused to the car park facilities or to other vehicles, and they must

inform the car park staff.

 The user is obliged to comply with the rules and instructions of the concessionaire and its agents, as well as the signs installed in the car park.

 This car park does not take keys from parked vehicles.

 This car park has complaint forms available.

 Area controlled by video surveillance cameras

 The owner of the car park shall have a right  of retention over the vehicle against any person as security for the payment of the parking fee.

(Act 110/2002) The loss or deterioration of the season ticket card shall have a cost according to the current tariff.

Failure to use the card for reasons beyond the company’s control shall result in the payment of the stay according to the current hourly rate.

The purpose of these General Contracting Conditions is to establish the conditions applicable to contracting through the website, of the products made available to Clients in the car parks operated by the different companies belonging to the Group. PARKIA identified below:

Acvil Parking S.L.U (NIF: B-73.454.134).
Parking Arenal S.A. (NIF A-95.236.840).
Laoconte Operations, S.L.U. (NIF B-10.464.758).
Parkia Canarias, S.L.U. (NIF B-76.092.329).
Parking Granada, S.A. (NIF A-18.360.628).
Artemisa Parkings, S.L.(NIF B88254396).
Plaza Gernikako Arbola de Barakaldo Parking Concession Company – Parking Juzgados, S.A. (NIF: A95.031.985).
Parkin de Clínica S.A. (NIF A-58.815.572).
Parking Victoriamar, S.l. (NIF B-92677442).

The User, before making the purchase of any product, must accept and assume these general contracting conditions, as well as the Legal Notice and the Privacy and Cookies Policy that are detailed on the Group’s website.

Any user of legal age may contract the products and services offered in our car parks. In order to purchase any product through the website, the user will need to register on it, for which they must complete the form included for this purpose, providing the key data that is necessary for contracting the selected product, as well as as to provide the service contracted by PARKIA. The data that will be required are, among others, identification, email address, license plate of the vehicle attached to the product and telephone number, etc., which the system asks for, without which you will not be able to advance in the purchase process. Likewise, you must select the city and car park in which you wish to contract the product. All the products offered are subject to availability, and it cannot be guaranteed as it depends on external factors such as traffic, events, traffic cuts, etc…

When completing the form, the system calculates the price to be paid for the product that the user has indicated. The system automatically applies the current rates for the indicated period based on the selected PARKIA car park, considering any offer or promotion that was in force at the time. Rates include VAT, IGIC or local IGI.

To make the payment, the user must provide the data that will be required for the purpose of making the direct debit of the product charge.

Once the contract has been confirmed, the user will receive an SMS on their mobile phone with the link to download and sign the SEPA direct debit. For these purposes, the contract must be made at least 48 hours before the date of entry of the Client to the car park.

The client will be able to print a proof of the contract made that will be sent to the email indicated by him and in which the corresponding locator number will appear. Within 48 hours after contracting, the User will receive an email notifying him that he can collect his parking access card.

RATES: The amount of each subscription will be established for each of the different car parks in the Parkia network and depending on the selected conditions (schedules, type of vehicle, etc.) and will be informed to you before contracting. Said hiring may entail additional costs, which in which case, will be shown to the client in the purchase process.

These additional costs may be: Management cost, a cost charged once to the customer for the processing of their purchase on the internet; Deposit cost, a cost charged to the client once in the purchase process and that implies a minimum stay of 2 months and that will be returned to the client when canceling the subscription as long as the minimum stay requirement is met; Cost for second registration, a monthly cost for the right to access the car park with two or more vehicles, different but not simultaneously.

Access to the car park in which the product has been contracted will be through the car park entrance. In order to access this area, the customer will bring their vehicle close to the entrance and the barrier will open. In the event that the access barrier does not open, you can communicate with our staff using the information button through the intercom and we will assist you to solve the problem.

Once you have accessed the car park, you will be given a magnetic card in the control booth to be able to enter the car park from now on.

The parking access card is personal and non-transferable, and must be used only with the vehicles that appear in the contract request.

Any change of vehicle must be notified to the Parking management. The loss or det