Who are we?

We manage 72 public car parks in Spain and Andorra with more than 37,000 parking spaces and 24/7 opening hours.

Our headquarters

Torre Ombú | C/ Ombú 3 Pl.10 Dcha
28045 Madrid. Spain
Telephone 635 62 62 62

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?
In this section we have collected the most common queries, perhaps they can help you.

All our car parks are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This is the pass you buy to enter and leave the car park whenever you want, and which gives you access to the car park during the specific hours and times you have paid for.


By clicking on "apply for your PARKIA season ticket" on the home page or in the "season tickets and products" section or from each parking card and associated season ticket.

No. You must let us know that you will not be using your season ticket and we will cancel future billings.

The season ticket is linked to a single car park, a user (natural or legal entity) and a vehicle (number plate, model and colour).

Your season ticket guarantees you access to the car park, but not a fixed parking space. You can park in any of the free spaces in the car park.

Many of our car parks have a locker service, check with the car park you wish to visit to see if they have this service available.

You can use the electric vehicle charging service even if you are not a Parkia customer.

By booking through the Endesa JuicePass App, you can reserve your "Park and Charge" at any of our car parks.

This allows you to recharge your electric vehicle (available 24 hours a day) semi-fast using two options:

1) One-off recharging: you can go to any of the Parkia car parks with a recharging area, park your vehicle and leave it charging. 

The parking space will be paid for in the usual way (collection ticket and payment at the cash desk or ATMs) and the recharge will be managed via the Endesa X app, JuicePass.


2) Purchase of a recharge voucher, together with the parking voucher. 
The charging voucher lasts for six months, for 225 kWh or 500 kWh, enough to cover 200 or 440 kilometres per month, respectively.
When you purchase your monthly parking voucher (on site or via the Parkia website), you will be given a code to activate the kilowatt voucher in the Endesa X JuicePass charging application and you can start using them every time you activate a charger in the Endesa X network.

There are vouchers from €9.99/month. For more info you can view other options at

We have no recharging time limit. To give you an idea, you will be able to charge 80% of your car in less than one hour.

Invoices for season tickets and bookings will automatically be sent to your email address.

Invoices for the redemption of your ticket can be requested by logging in as a user or registering on the website, filling in the billing details in the "ACCOUNT DETAILS" section and filling in the form in the "REQUEST YOUR TICKET INVOICE" section. Additionally, you can request an invoice for your ticket by contacting the Parkia Customer Channel at the email address "".

You can request it by emailing or notifying the car park directly.
In the case of modifications, if there is no waiting list, it will be modified on the spot.

Refunds are made between the 11th and 20th of each month. If you have any questions, please contact

You can request the modification of your bank details by sending an email to or by notifying the car park directly.

Access to the car park with the season ticket is linked to a vehicle registration number. If you want to change this number or include any other vehicle you must request it at or notify the car park directly.
If you have several vehicles associated with the same season ticket, remember that you can only park one vehicle at a time.


If it is a season ticket card, you must apply for a new card and pay for its issue.

If it is a temporary car park, you will have to call through the intercom at the entrance barrier, identify yourself with the Customer Service Channel (available 24h) and you will be given access to the car park.


For specific problems, call any of the intercoms located throughout the car park, we have customer service 24 hours a day.

If you have a more complex problem, you can write to

Yes, vehicles with a ZERO EMISSIONS, ECO, B, and C badge will be able to access and park in a public car park.

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